Grand Canyon Rafting Trips for 2018


The Grand Canyon is nothing short of being an epic destination. The canyon has rich natural history and incredible scenery. Many have viewed the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon from look out points, helicopter tours, hiking in the grand canyon, grand canyon rafting trips and more.

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions (Crate) offers an amazing experience of the Grand Canyon through Grand Canyon rafting trips. If you are looking for a great way to see and experience the Grand Canyon like never before give Crate a call. Offering rafting trips as well as staying at the bar 10 ranch including horseback riding, hiking, lodging, rafting and much more. Space is limited call today for current availability 800-253-7328 or 801-261-1789

The weather this past winter started out to look like it could be a dry year and with low snowpack with averaging less then 20%. However, April ended up bringing a lot of precipitation so far and even some flooding in certain areas of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley. The rafting season is looking great!

Many news outlets have reported that if you want to raft the Grand Canyon you need to prepare to sign up far in advance. Many trips for 2018 have already sold out and slots for 2019 are going fast. We recommend calling CRATE to book a grand canyon rafting trip today! Crate still has some availability for 3 and 4 day grand canyon rafting trips for 2018.

This Grand Canyon rafting season has several possible reasons for the increase in t demand which most likely is attributed to the National Park Centennial took place in 2016 great snow fall, and perhaps a trend involving personal experiences to be high on the list for many. This increase in demand has been noticed in the industry  with reports from some outfitters stating they are sold out for this year and have large wait-lists for next year.

Crate has some availability for 2018 for those looking to tour the Grand Canyon through a river rafting trip. For questions or to find out more information about a 3 - 4 day Grand Canyon Rafting trip or for longer trips give Crate a call 800-253-7328 or 801-261-1789

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